Metropolitan:  The Most Rev. Melissa Skelton
Prolocutor:  Canon Dr. Randall Fairey
Chancellor:  Mr. Douglas MacAdams, QC
Registrar:  Mr. Terry Bepple
Treasurer:  Ms. Sheryl Hunt
Secretary:  The Rev. Clara Plamondon


Diocese of Yukon

Bishop Larry Robertson
Mr. Chris Collin - Lay
Ms. Betty Davidson - Lay
The Ven. Laurie Munro - Clergy
The Rev. Dr. Sean Murphy - Clergy

Diocese of British Columbia

Bishop Logan McMenamie
Mrs. Barbara Henshall - Lay
Ms. Sandra Scarth - Lay
Ms. Gloria Hockley - Lay
The Ven. Clara Plamondon - Clerical
The Ven. Alastair McCollum - Clerical

Diocese of Kootenay

Ms. Elisabeth Forsyth - Lay
Ms. Anne McMichael - Lay
Ms. Elizabeth Peto - Lay
The Rev. Canon Roger Cooper - Clerical
The Rev. Dr. Katherine Hough - Clerical

Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples

Mr. John Haugen
Mr. Willard Martin


Ms. Kimberly Blair




Territory of the People

Bishop Barbara Andrews
Ms. Lynn Snook - Lay
Ms. Linda LaGroix - Lay
Mr. Ken Ponsford - Lay
The Rev. Kristen Dobyns - Clerical
The Rev. JoAnn Hinter - Clerical

Diocese of New Westminster

Archbishop Melissa Skelton
Mx. Caitlin Reilley Beck - Lay
Mr. Glen Mitchell - Lay
Ms. Sharon Taylor  - Lay
The Rev. Marnie Peterson - Clerical
The Rev. Stephanie Shepard - Clerical

Diocese of Caledonia

Bishop David Lehmann
Mr. Randall Dering - Lay
Ms. Elizabeth Hunt - Lay
Ms. Louise Peters - Lay
The Very Rev. Paul Williams - Clerical
The Rev. Canon Gary Davis - Clerical