April 4, 2019

 Re. Volunteers to General Synod July 9-19, 2019 in Vancouver, BC

 My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

 This coming July, the Ecclesiastical Province of B.C. and Yukon is hosting the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada.  The assembly will take place in Vancouver, BC.  The majority of planning and support for this large undertaking has been at the local level with the leadership of the Diocese of New Westminster.  For ten days, the downtown of Vancouver will be enlivened by Anglicans from across Canada, as delegates gather for the business of the Church. 

 General Synod will involve many volunteers in a variety of capacities, from registering, way-finding, and assisting with the multitude of supports needed for this assembly.  Most of these people will be from local parishes in the Diocese of New Westminster.  However, there may be individuals from your area who have voiced an interest in devoting their time and energy to assist.  Volunteers who travel to Vancouver and stay for the proceedings incur expenses that go beyond the budget of the National Church.  However, at the Council of the Provincial Synod, a discussion was held about how we might together honour such offers to volunteer.

 Although delegates to General Synod will be staying in hotel accommodation for the duration of General Synod, there are not funds to do the same for volunteers.  As an alternative, there may be fellow Anglicans that are willing to open their homes to volunteers who are coming from outside the Lower Mainland.  There is also the possibility of some small bursary funds available through the Provincial Synod to assist with travel costs of volunteers who are willing to be present for a considerable portion of the General Synod. 

 I will be sending out a request for offers of accommodation through the Parish Mailing of the Diocese of New Westminster.  I will also be happy to receive initial requests from volunteers living outside the Lower Mainland and forward them so that hosts and guests can converse.  If it seems good to you, please share my contact information with those in your diocese who are interested.  I cannot oversee the details of arrangements myself, but am delighted to help put people in touch.

The Rev. Stephanie Shepard
c/o St. Faith Anglican Church
7284 Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC  V6P 5M3

 For more information on volunteering at General Synod, you can refer to the Diocese of New Westminster webpage:

 Yours in Christ,